Crochet and knit gone chic

Greeting! I am really glad you've stopped by to read my story!
I officially started running my shop as a business in 2012, prior to that I would consider myself as a hobbist.
I learned how to crochet as a little girl of 10 from my mum who taught me crocheting, knitting, embroidery and basket weaving back in Uganda. I started off with making dollies as a little girl, my mom would find dollies and ask me to reproduce them without a pattern just by sight and that's how I learned to crochet

I got more serious about my crochet when I became a psychotherapist, I used my crocheting to help me cope with and process my clients stories.
In 2012 I took a break from psychotherapy to recharge and focus more on exploring my creative side. It was the break I need to restore and give my soul the balance it needed and to pursue a dream that was birthed at the age of 10.
In 2015 I went back to psychotherapy and now I do both. Crocheting still helps restore and gives me a balance the to be the best version of myself. Part of being my best self is to beautify you with my creativity so thank you for giving me that chance.

I Make up ALL of my patterns, my inspirations comes from fashion trends, vintage clothing, blogs, random images that I come across. All of this will give me an idea for a product, and Ill go ahead and make it.
I spend time researching the best yarn for my products, 98% of my tops swimwear and dresses are made using natural fibers mainly cotton, a few bamboo, silk and linen yarn. 2% of the tops are made using acrylic yarn in an effort to keep some of the prices low. I tend to use wools, alpacas and occasionally cashmere for my sweaters. I am also constantly improving designs incorporating customers feedback. and some of the designs have come about because of customers feedback and suggestions.
Orders are typically filled in the order in which they come. I make approximately 1-2 tops a day depending on the complexity of the designs. Most of the tops take me 2-3 hours to complete some of the most complex tops take 3-5 hours to make. Dresses, swimwear and sweaters take much long to make on average a dress takes 8hrs and sweater range from 10 to 30hrs ( my kimono sweater)
I try my best to ship at the specified time but occasionally I fall behind because I am balancing two jobs or if I have more than 3 orders all due the same day. I ship first class and priority mail.

I know you have chosen to buy your item for a special day or occasion or season and I try my best to work with you to get your item to you. I appreciate your patience in the process of making these orders.
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